Design guidelines

The secret to Googong’s good looks.

The design guidelines we’ve developed for Googong ensure that Googong’s houses have particular details and styles that create an eye-pleasing collective look that helps houses better relate to each other within their street, their neighbourhood and even the town as a whole. We carefully maintain this  consistent level of quality to protect the value of your property investment.

There are three design guidelines – which one applies to you depends on where your lot is located, as follows:

Googong West Design Guidelines 
(Summary 1.9mb, dated 01/06/22)

Googong West Design Guidelines Full

 Googong West Design Guidelines
(Full 10mb, dated 25/1/23)

Googong Central design guidelines summary Googong Central Design Guidelines 
(Summary 4.5mb, dated 24/11/21) 

Googong Central design guidelines full document

Googong Central Design Guidelines
(Full 8mb, dated 25/1/23)

 Googong North Design Guidelines Summary  Googong North Design Guidelines 
(Summary 4.2mb, dated 18/4/18)
Googong North Design guidelines full document

 Googong North Design Guidelines 
(Full 10.5mb, dated 25/1/23) 



 CGOO5295 Googong Town Masterplan Mud Map June 2022 v1-HR


Googong Township Pty Ltd reserves the right to vary and amend these guidelines from time to time.

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