Wednesday, 20 June, 2018


Googong community welcomes its new school

More than 1000 families live in the fast-growing Googong township and local mum Skye Cabrera is one of many who will be lining up to enrol her child at the new public school.

A childcare professional for more than 10 years, Skye opened Googong’s first family daycare when her own daughter was four months old. She cares for up to seven children a day and is in touch with many young families, as co-ordinator of the local Mums and Bubs group.

“I really want my daughter to go to school with the child across the road or the one around the corner, so she has that very real sense of community connection,” Skye said.

“I know a class full of children who will be ready for preschool in the next couple of years and their families, like us, have been grappling with the problem of where to send them to school and how they were going to get them there.

“For families like ours, driving our child to school is not an option, so we would have no choice but to put our four-year-old daughter on the bus.

“It is fantastic to know that we will have a school close enough for local children to walk or ride their bike.”

Skye and her husband Ronald were one of the first to buy in Googong four years ago and the couple have recently built their second home there.

“When I started my business, it was the only daycare in Googong. Now, there are five or six family daycare providers, a new long day-care centre has just opened, and we are all full with long waiting lists.

“Googong does have a private school, which has a wonderful reputation, but families need a choice in education for their children and not all of them are able to pay fees.”

“We also have so many after school activities available in Googong now that this will take the pressure off parents having to get their children home from school in time.”


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